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Onitsuka Tiger, one of my love brand. via Facebook http://ift.tt/1oYWNth
So tempting for this baby!!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1n8OJq0
雨天后晚餐。 via Facebook http://ift.tt/1tjDrU0
New lunch place spotted!! Not bad~ via Facebook http://ift.tt/1lcrm3S
叶问!我要打十个!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1oRWQqH
I am sneakers lover. via Facebook http://ift.tt/1o00DCd
人生嘛~ 有的吃就尽量吃~ 哈哈哈~ via Facebook http://ift.tt/YfX9qd
小姐,你在想什么??哈哈哈~ via Facebook http://ift.tt/1m4ckYM
曼谷妹~ via Facebook http://ift.tt/1mTgTFp
美好的一天由杂饭开始。 via Facebook http://ift.tt/1oCAHme
难忘的一刻。我的晚餐被抢了。 via Facebook http://ift.tt/1oCqgPj
你一边,我一边,大家自拍乐无边~~ via Facebook http://ift.tt/1nYgxNt
没事做,在BTS里selfie… via Facebook http://ift.tt/VtsKTf
从曼谷回马已经三天了。心情还是那么想念在曼谷的旅程,曼谷城的热闹,曼谷人的热情,曼谷的街边食物,曼谷的奶茶和咖啡。 via Facebook http://ift.tt/1phpc25
My new gadget!! Want to buy it very long time ago. Every time saw it at Bangkok Don Meung Airport, like it but not bought it. Now bought at Lelong with half of the price that I saw every time!! Love it!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1pgZ9Z5