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Long time don’t listen to Jack Johnson~~ Now listen back to his album, still got a lot of feel~~ My surfer feeling coming back~~ And walking in those Bangkok night market feel too~~ via Facebook http://ift.tt/1sFLKdI
It is simple but nice!! Love it!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1vODLij
Yes!! Ada buka!! Dinner time!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/109rNTi
Ganjiong!! Tonight?!! Apple!! Please don’t let me down on this 8.1!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/11OK74M
Wow!! This is nice!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1ofYBox
This girl miss Bangkok too!! Ruby Yuenteng right? Let’s go!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1sT8NmR
I miss Bangkok!! Miss the street there, miss the good there, miss the shopping there, miss the Thai ice tea there, miss the Nice people there, miss chatuchak, miss the coffee!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1pmGtnR
Nice job, Apple!! Yosemite is smooth on my MBP!! Bravo!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1FcOdmo
ผมตื่นเต้น!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/11DntMI
Ready to fly!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1vn5TaS
5555!! via Facebook http://ift.tt/1FbbCox
晚上睡觉扭到肩膀,一整天“倚梦”出动!!T T via Facebook http://ift.tt/1F1h1hM
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